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Yvette Ludvik, MA, LMHC

I am a Licensed LMHC with a Masters from Seattle University. I am also a Licensed CDP that I have obtained from Northwest Indian College, Seattle Community College, and Bellevue Community College.  I have found in my work that often addictions and mental health struggles are an overlapping dilemma. I strive to approach these in a way that is centered around the experiences an individual is having. I feel its important to look at the person as a whole. How the mind, body, and spirit are coming together.  Exploring different approaches to  resolve the issues that are holding people back from being their authentic selves is essential. 

Therapy practice and approach

Therapy is a difficult thing to embark on. However, it can be a good experience if you are connected with the right person. It is a very personal experience and not every treatment works the same for everyone. In order for it to work it needs to be individualized and hold elements within it that will foster growth, happiness and healing. 

I work with kids, teenagers and adults with various concerns. Our work together is a journey into a more hopeful and peaceful part of how people can interact within the world. Our time together is a space to discuss deeper issues and provide some insight into different challenges that are standing in the path of success. 

I approach our work from many different theories and philosophies depending on what is needed for the individual. My education is in existential phenomenological interactions and ways to move and shift people into a better state of being through authentic discussions and internal explorations. However, I also approach our work from a spiritual and multicultural standpoint. I am also a yoga therapist and have the ability to use energy and movement in our work together to help realign and re-center an individual. 

I am honored to meet anyone who crosses my path and is willing to begin this work. It’s a humbling experience for me to be allowed into a persons life in this way. This is work I have been doing for many years and am always grateful to those who allow me to watch them grow. 

My background

I am a bicultural, multilingual, Caucasian, cisgender female. I have lived in Washington state for the majority of my life. My parents are immigrants but I was born in the USA.  I grew up in a home with a biological mother, a stepdad and a younger half sister. My family is from what is formerly known as Czechoslovakia (currently Czech Republic and Republic of Slovakia).  My parents raised us to be Czech in all ways. This included language, food, culture, music and traditions that we still carry to this day. My parents also, despite not knowing the language when they arrived in this country or having a lot of resources financially, would also help other immigrants.  We would often house others in our home as they got set up in the states.  Visas, housing, jobs and the like.  

As I grew up and watched my parents acculturate to this country. Watched the struggles and challenges but also the successes they had and it inspired me.  I think I was a therapist way before the first college class I took that led me to where I am today. 

I understand multicultural perspectives, immigration issues, language barriers and the struggle it takes to bring yourself out of difficult places.  I am part of the LGBTQIA community and work with trans and gender non conforming individuals. I have a passion for yoga, animals, art, music and love nature. 

It will be a pleasure to take this journey with you if you allow it!