"Claire Tilley is outstanding. I come from Bothell, but it is worth it. Best mental health ARNP or psychiatrist I have ever had."

"A year ago, I had reached the lowest point in my life. My doctors made an appointment for me at Mindful Therapy with Lisa Hade. I kept that appointment, and with her guidance we worked through my hurt and "excess baggage." I more than highly recommend Mindful Therapy if you are at, or near, this point in your life. It is so worth the process of working through the pain you have to become mentally and emotionally healthy and happy. In fact, I truly believe that everyone could benefit from the services offered at Mindful Therapy." 

"The Mindful Therapy Group located in Mountlake Terrace has exceeded my expectations for providing individual counseling. Tranquil office setting located right off I-5 and 220th. They have a solid team of counselors that are able to identify and treat my concerns. I'm made to feel I come first and appreciate their flexibility in scheduling appointments and accommodating me. The location, staff, and individual counseling are the best I've experienced. They are professional and non-judgemental while providing me with tools and techniques I can use. They are current, educated, experienced, and compassionate; these folks can help."

 "As a primary care physician, I have been impressed at the scope and accomplishment of Mindful Therapy Group. Recently, I referred a 12-year-old boy with behavior problems in school, and received feedback from the child's parents that he felt more comfortable with this counselor than with anyone he had previously tried to work with and was actually making great progress in adjusting to his school environment." Richard Kitaeff, ND

 "I have seen several counselors over the years, but no one has been as helpful and forthright as Derek.  I have been seeing Derek for almost a year and he is compassionate and non-judgmental as he guides me through my healing process. Derek doesn't only sit and listen to me, but he interacts and gives me feedback even if it is difficult.  I love the comfortable atmosphere of the office and Kristan is always so helpful.  I would recommend Mindful Therapy Group to anyone searching for guidance in their life."

"Mindful Therapy Group is very hospitable and professional and all the rooms are comfortable. The staff is very friendly. I like Yurika, Kristan the office manager, and Derek the owner- he always says hi to me even though I am not his client. I like how they have tea and water set up, which makes me feel better. Therapy has helped me in a way that I did not even imagine. Yurika helped me realize things about myself and it made me feel stronger. I take what we talk about seriously and put them into practice. It has been a neat ride working with Mindful Therapy Group."

"I have had incredible service with regard to the consulting work MTG provides. I am a therapist in the greater Seattle area and I wanted to fine tune my practice and expand my referral source. I sought advice from Derek and Jessica who did an incredible job of connecting me to a variety of referral sources, activated and designed a beautiful website and have contributed greatly to the increase in my practice volume. They are both creative, hard working and had this done in record time. I am very grateful for all of their hard work and will continue to consult with them on my practice with business plans and goals in mind."  - Israella Kleiman, LMFT

 "I have been 'working' with Derek for the past year. He relies upon multiple disciplines in his treatment. He strives to set weekly goals. Though daunting, one has enjoyed the exchanges. He is very good. He manages to use humor to lighten the mood. There is no doubt that I have benefited from the experience."

 "I see Yurika, I wasn't sure if we were going to connect. She said the first session that she really wanted to get to know me. Its been 6 or 7 sessions since, and I feel good to have a friendly soul to go to once a week who remembers everything I tell her. I am glad that they have good genuine people there. The therapy is helping me come out of my shell and stop living like a hermit. This place is awesome, and I love Kristen the receptionist too. I highly recommend this place and I urge you to give it a chance. I have been feeling better to have a safe place to talk."

 "Mindful Therapy Group is a big part of my life. I've been coming to therapy for about 3 years now. I started seeing Derek Crain in a small building in Mountlake Terrace for some family issues. Throughout these last couple years, he has helped my family tremendously. It's almost like we're brothers. Now, he helps me with whatever I need whether it's getting a job or solving an issue between me and my parents. I'm very glad that my family and I found this place and we will be coming here for long time coming! You should definitely come and check it out!"

"I've had the pleasure of working with 2 different therapists of the Mindful Therapy Group. Both Derek and Jean provided clear paths of improvement with practical steps that were not overwhelming. I found them knowledgable, professional and genuinely concerned about issues that mattered to me. I was not just a number to this group. The administrative staff went above and beyond to accommodate my crazy schedule. I highly recommend Mindful Therapy, Derek, and Jean."

 "Effective, helpful, and insightful. The administrative staff is great, and can deal with insurance and billing well. Important with any clinic. Derek is very good. We've seen him for a while now, and he's goal oriented, proactive and firm. If you are progress oriented and need to work through some issues, he's your guy."

 "I have been attending Mindful Therapy Group since September 2011.  My primary therapist is Derek Crain.  His professionalism, passion, authenticity and judgment free counseling have consistently provided a safe and trusting place for my areas of focus.  Thankfully, Derek has shed light on many things that have given me the ability every day to practice mindfulness and instead of running from emotional suffering and pain, by coping with addictions, I practice mentally being with that pain and dealing with it appropriately.  The more I do, the more it seems to fade out and I can focus on productive and healthy things in life like self, family, work, church, community work and so on.  Pain is something we all have in many different forms. His experience has allowed for anyone dealing with dependencies, addictions, and life’s struggles to find a way back to living a full life.   The best thing about his counseling is how he taught me how to love myself first which has given me so much insight, freedom and peace.  This also enables me to love and care towards others so that I don’t push away or hurt any more people that I have in the past.  I find that even after a year and a half of wonderful discoveries, with all the ups and downs, there will always be room to be mindful and to have Derek in my corner.  Life doesn’t get easier once you discover or find some answers. It continues to test you and try to knock you back.  With more tools equipped, you have a fighting chance.  Real professionals like Derek Crain at Mindful Therapy Group can and will help you every step of the way.  I couldn’t imagine a stronger foundation to build on and get my life on track and always moving in the right direction.  I must also point out that I have meet most all of the staff over this time and I couldn’t feel more at home with everyone’s genuine sense of care and hospitality.  They always seem to be supporters of my successes and endeavors.  I want to personally thank everyone there at Mindful Therapy Group for creating a warm, welcoming environment and for providing true customer care and service."

"Everyone at Mindful Therapy is extremely helpful and kind from the desk staff to all the therapists.  My son has been seeing Yurika for several months now and really enjoys and looks forward to his weekly sessions.  She is extremely knowledgeable and compassionate which helps him open up and talk freely.  Would highly recommend her to anyone seeking therapy for their child or family...she is the best!!!!"

"From the first appointment, Teri makes you feel immediately comfortable. She's genuinely interested in helping you and is kind and patient. I'm grateful that we found such a good fit for my son. He looks forward to his appointments with her. We've seen great improvements in his use of coping skills and communication skills."

"I appreciate that my daughter has felt comfortable here. It is a safe place for her to express her feelings. She has shown improvement in mood and behavior."

"Ben is very nice. I was scared to come in given family history, but he has been super welcoming"

"I have been seeing Jason for over five years, and he has changed my life!"

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