MTG Telehealth Program

Meet virtually with your provider in the comfort of your home


With time becoming our most valuable resource, and our lives becoming more and more demanding, making mental health a priority for ourselves can be a challenge. Whether you are a busy parent, or a working professional without time to spare, or just live in an area where mental health access is limited. Realistically, none of these should be barriers to putting yourself first.

With positive changes in the healthcare industry, combined with the widespread availability of modern technology, we are happy to be offering virtual therapy services to the state of Washington. This could mean:

  • Checking in with your prescriber at the click of a button

  • Continuing to see your provider while you’re away on business or vacation

  • Finding a time that works for both you and your provider’s schedules

Connecting you to quality mental health care

At Mindful Therapy Group, we pride ourselves in our ability to connect the community with a variety of high-quality mental health services through an array of providers, with many different backgrounds and specialties. With over 100 providers total, and many already in the Bridge program, we will be able to find you someone who meets your needs and will be able to work with you, wherever you are. We have providers in network with all major insurance companies, and insurance can be used for the majority of services.



MTG Telehealth FAQs

What do I need to Participate? +

Clients participating will need a computer or cell phone and a quiet space to talk privately--that's it! Most of the virtual therapy software out there does not require a separate download on your end.

Are all MTG Providers participating?+

Only those providers who have opted in to the MTG Telehealth program are currently enrolled. Our intake team would be happy to match you with a provider who is part of the MTG Telehealth program.

Will my insurance cover this? +

In most cases, yes! Most plans treat virtual therapy and in-person mental health services similarly, and the coverage will be the exact same. Some insurance plans require authorizations or other requirements; give your company a call to find out what your plan covers.

How do I pay for services? +

Copays, coinsurances or deductibles are collected and run through a secure, online portal that is both HIPAA compliant and automatic. Once your appointment has been booked and an authorization form has been signed virtually, you'll be prompted to enter your credit card information into the online system. The card on file will be charged for the authorized amount after a session is completed with your provider.

What is the process like for a new client? +

After you have scheduled your virtual therapy session with one of our providers, our team will send you all of the documents that need to be signed online. Once that is complete, you'll have access to login for your first appointment! Your provider might also give you a call to introduce themselves, ask a few questions, and walk through the software and how to log into the initial session.

I'm Interested. How can I sign up? +

Quite easily! You can give our intake team a call at 425-640-7009 ext. 1, or fill out the intake form below and they can reach out to you!



Get started with a virtual provider

Take a look above to view the providers currently involved in the MTG Telehealth program, or fill out the new client form! One of our intake coordinators will reach out to you to talk you through the process and book your first appointments with the best practitioner for you. Our team will be able to match you with the best provider for your specific needs, insurance, and schedule. We will get back to you within one business day of your submission.

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