Other Therapy Services

Mindful Therapy Youth and Family is a unique, collaborative division of Mindful Therapy Group with expanded services for children, adolescents and families in Mountlake Terrace. Members of Mindful Therapy Group offer a wide range of mental health services for all ages which include mental health counseling, play therapy, psychological testing, comprehensive diagnosis, and psychiatric medication management. We have a space just for kids and families in our Mountlake Terrace location complete with chalk walls, toys, books, and games to help facilitate working through whatever it is you or your child is struggling with. 

Women's Mental Health

Several providers contracted with Mindful Therapy Group have a special interest in serving women and families across the lifespan. Check out their profiles and special interest and experiences.

Youth & Family Therapy

Many of our skilled child mental health providers will work both with the child and the family to get to the heart of what is happening in the home. They may recommend individual treatment for different parts of the family, and bring you together to learn new skills and improve communication.  

Psychological Testing

We are now offering psychological testing for children as young as 2 years old, up through adolescence and young adulthood as your child enters college.  Dr. Breisch and Dr. Shirazi are passionate about providing a thorough and comprehensive evaluation that will help guide you and your family.