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Sarah Wright, MA, LMHC

I come to the mental health field with a strong belief in our interdependence as human beings, and how our personal capacities are discovered through the radical act of really getting to know each other. I have spent much of my career, working to empower folks to be the best person they can be and to be able to contribute and shape the world to be a more compassionate and just place.

I spent twelve years in a community-based mental health setting, where I used a collaborative approach to work with clients and their family members, schools, coaches, health providers, clergy, recovery counselors, social workers and other natural supports.  I use a strength-based approach, recognizing and underscoring the resources that already exist inside of my clients, and within the family, work and community systems they live in.

My mentors in the mental health field have significantly informed the way I see and work with my clients.  I bring an in-depth understanding of how the primary people in our early years shape our relationship patterns.  I bring a keen eye to the way that our physiology is impacted by our emotional experiences, and work with clients to restore ease and vitality when they find themselves stuck in patterns of fear and anxiety, withdrawal and depression.  I bring an acute understanding of the way that the biases in our societal systems impact us deeply on a personal level, and that by bringing awareness to this, we can begin to liberate ourselves from these socially constructed limitations.  I bring a rigorous approach to working with behavioral patterns that sabotage our health and well-being, and work with my clients to carefully understand the underlying thoughts and emotions that fuel their unwanted behaviors.
I bring a strong belief that mindful awareness can deeply change our lives, and that with practice, we have enormous capacity to choose the way we walk in the world.

My personal experiences as a parent, a woman, an immigrant, an ally to lgbtq folks, and an adopted person, bring insight and tools that I believe can support the people I work with.  I have an undergraduate degree from The Evergreen State College in Cultural Studies, and a Masters in Counseling Psychology from St. Martin’s University.  I have been a Puget Sound resident for the last 30 years, and love to walk and run on the beach, kayak and paddle board, write poetry and draw, do yoga and dance.  One of my greatest joys is to witness and support people in their healing processes, in whatever stage they are at.

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