Robert L. Curtis, MA, LMHC

Robert L. Curtis, MA, LMHC

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Robert L. Curtis, MA, LMHC

My Background and Approach

I am an integrative psychotherapist and counselor, meaning that I work in multiple models of therapy and can readily synthesize and incorporate these models to effectively address the individual needs of my clients. I favor a psychodynamic approach in formulating ideas to begin and sustain treatment and frequently use evidence based practices along the way to engage the client in the skill building needed to be increasingly secure and autonomous. The goal of my work is to assist in understanding conscious and unconscious obstacles to change and moving toward a more satisfying life. 

I believe in the current research that a deep exploration of the client’s experience, in the context of a trusting therapeutic relationship, brings about transformative and lasting change. This is in contrast with more solution focused or brief therapy models, which focus primarily on reducing symptoms. 

I am open to receiving persons from all walks of life and cultures and have had my own growth experiences with overcoming the narrative damage of family abandonment, addiction, and mental health disorder. My story shifted for me by seeking therapeutic support, establishing recovery, and developing in the valued directions that I wanted for myself. I believe that my own initiation into healing and sustained path of recovery has given me humility, strength, authenticity, and the patient understanding needed to help clients heal wounds and find fulfillment.

Training and Professional Experience

I am a licensed mental health counselor with a Master of Arts degree in Psychology from Antioch University Seattle. My Master’s program was rich with a lot of experiential training in interpersonal therapy and didactic learning in family-of-origin, developmental, and Jungian theory. I also received my Bachelor’s degree at Antioch University and my area of concentration in that degree program was Depth Psychology complemented by independent studies in Philosophy, Existential Psychology, Buddhism, Spirituality and Ecopsychology. 

I did my internship in community mental health at Seattle Counseling Service for Sexual Minorities and continued there as a therapist and special populations consultant for LGBTQ community for five years. It has been in this experience where I have provided therapy for persons suffering with complex trauma and co-occurring disorders, and with persons who have been oppressed by systems. I have also enjoyed supervising and working with students and interns in that setting.  The cumulative experience that I have from that intensive work has certainly galvanized my capacity and knowledge as a therapy professional. 

In my private practice, I work with adolescents, adults, and older adults. My specialties and interests include Post-Traumatic Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Adjustment, Complex Trauma, Addiction Recovery and Co-Occurring Disorders, Adjustment, Spirituality, and Lifespan Development issues. 

I have a broad repertoire of therapy offerings including Mindfulness Based Practices, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Psychoeducation, Mentalization Based Treatment, Interpersonal Neurobiology, Relational Psychoanalysis, Attachment Theory, Pragmatic Psychodynamic Therapy, Jungian Psychotherapy, Compassion Focused Therapy, and Core Process Psychotherapy.

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