Nathan Feuerborn, MA, LMHC, Therapist

Fremont Location

Fremont Location

Nathan Feuerborn, MA, LMHC

My Approach

I offer compassionate psychotherapy for individuals and couples who are struggling with challenging life issues, counseling for people ready to release patterns of suffering and reflection for those who wish to deeply know and make peace with themselves and others. 

How may we relate to our conflicts and suffering in a way that serves us?

Often it is not the challenges we experience which cause us suffering but rather how we think about and relate to them. Through shifting our relationship to our experience, we can transform perceived "problems” into opportunities for discovery and growth. The practice of mindfully "tuning in" to and anchoring into our present moment experience of the mind-body is the practice of Somatic Therapy - a transformative inner listening. Acceptance, gratitude, and a gentle open curiosity form a foundation to relate more effectively with our self and others.

Carl Jung stated "what one resist persists." In cultivating a spacious and patient willingness to face into our difficult feelings we develop a greater empowerment and confidence to navigate through life.

I applaud you as you courageously step toward your wellness and I look forward to journeying alongside you.


My Background

I have lived in Seattle for over 20 years and I am the father of two beautiful children. My perspective is largely informed through valuing my relationships as a vehicle of learning and growth. As a father and husband the process of learning to love and to listen has long been my passion.  I received my Masters of Psychology degree from Seattle University in 2009 and have counseling experience in a variety of settings including Harborview's inpatient psychiatry units and Seattle public schools.