Nadya Petkova, MA, CMHS, LMHC, Therapist

Mountlake Terrace Location

Mountlake Terrace Location

Nadya Petkova, Ph.D, CMHS, LMHC



I am a licensed Psychologist with a Doctorate in clinical psychology from the New Bulgarian University, a Master's degree in family therapy from Antioch University Seattle. I obtained my Bachelors degree in social studies / social work from the St. Denis University in Paris, France. 

I completed my internship at Navos, a community mental health agency, where I worked as a child and family therapist, serving children and their families at schools, home and the broader community.
I provide therapy for individuals, including school age children, adolescents, and adults for a wide range of diagnoses, as well as couples and family therapy. I specialize in relationship and family therapy as well as multicultural sensitive therapy with an emphasis on immigrants and refugees issues.


My approach to therapy is primarily informed by the mindfulness - based cognitive behavioral theory, and meeting the client's needs at the level of their own experience. Using advanced therapeutic skills, I strive to create a warm and supportive environment and a specific, client- tailored approach, to address issues such as depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, cultural and social conflict, trauma, loss and general life transitions. I also use elements of the psychodynamic and psychotherapy models, providing long term, supportive and engaging psychotherapy, where the client's understanding of self and their thinking and feeling patterns are the main focus.

I enjoy a wide variety of creative expressions including art in any form, which I often incorporate into my practice, when appropriate. Having participated in graduate school training based in sand play and sand therapy, I have successfully included this technique in my practice, particularly addressing clients struggling with past trauma.

My therapeutic style combines genuine empathic listening and compassionate understanding, with pragmatic teaching and offering suggestions of skills necessary for everyday struggles: self-care skills, relaxation techniques, communication skills and internal/ external conflict resolutions. Clients tend to respond well to my down to earth, warm and supportive, always non-judgmental, engagement with them.
I have worked as a school based therapist in a variety of schools in Seattle and am well acquainted with the current struggles and challenges of youth, including, but not limited to, relationship and peer conflicts, addiction, academic struggles, self esteem and identity issues LGBT issues and community acceptance 


I was born in Bulgaria, a country in Eastern Europe, and lived there until adolescence, struggling with a lifestyle challenged by the communist political system. I moved to North Africa in my adolescence and completed a French language middle and high school, with strong cultural influences of the Islamic country. I later moved to France where I studied social work/ social studies, and returned to my native country to complete my doctorate in clinical psychology and residency in a veterans hospital that treated patients with brain injuries and complex trauma.

I moved to the US in 1999 and completed a masters program in psychology at Antioch University, to familiarize myself with the local systematic and professional and  legal standards of practicing psychology

Although I have lived and worked mostly in the Western world, my personal beliefs and concepts are heavily influenced by eastern philosophy, especially the ideas of holistic health, mindfulness, alternative medicine, transpersonal psychology and yoga practices.