Marc Anderson, MA, LMHC, CMHS, Therapist

Fremont Location

Fremont Location

Marc Anderson, MA, LMHC, CMHS


I am a licensed mental health counselor (License #: LH60717794) with a master’s degree in psychology from The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology (2012-2015). I completed my clinical internship and worked at Sound Mental Health in Child & Family Services for three years. It was an invaluable education to go to different schools and meet with clients during their school day. I also worked with families to process chaos in their family systems and helped them engage each other in kinder ways. I am passionate about working with acculturation patterns, racial identity issues, spiritual development, attachment issues, trauma, and identity/sense-of-self issues. I am a children’s mental health specialist in WA State. I am currently seeing teens (15+) and adults.



I spent formative years (ages 10-19) in Guadalajara Mexico. As a third-culture-child, I experienced first-hand the unique challenges of living in a foreign country during developmental years, losing a sense-of-self due to the new culture, and then having reverse culture shock to return home and feel "different." It is extremely difficult to live between worlds and to not fit in with either a home culture or the culture away from home. I have a heart for others who have gone through similar circumstances. Growing up in Mexico also gave me an appreciation for other cultures and insight into how unique and complex all of us are. I have travelled to roughly 25 countries and lived in Australia for a year.



A vital aspect of therapeutic work is to provide an environment of safety, trust, and care. A lot of the difficulties that people face are due to feeling alone with shame and not experiencing a secure-base from caregivers when trauma occurred. For this reason, my approach to counseling is one of highly valuing our co-created relationship, allowing trust to build, and taking risks that allow new and unexplored places to arise from within you. A common statement in my training is that harm occurs in relationship, thus healing also needs to come about in relationship with someone we trust.

Patterns from the past can run under the surface and get ignored in the fast-pace of daily life. Clients often tell me that they need to just "get over it" or "not be so sensitive" when the opposite is actually needed. Our stories can have power over us when they haven't been processed, examined, and given the emotional weight they deserve. Some of the hardest work on ourselves is in spending time looking at significant stories from our formative years, and coming to new realizations of how we were harmed, mistreated, or neglected. It takes courage to face the things that have power over us, and to allow painful feelings to run their course through us.

As adults, many of us do not learn to make a habit of: being kind to ourselves, listening to what our internal needs are, or being differentiated in relationships. Unprocessed trauma and negative patterns become the norm. The invitation is to create a new model where fulfillment in life can coexist with grieving the past's impact. Together, we will work to help you begin to step more authentically and wholeheartedly toward yourself and others.

I use a combination of therapeutic approaches which include: relational, psychodynamic, family systems, existential, strengths-based work, cognitive behavioral, and identity development. I also enjoy discussions about the Enneagram (9 core types of personality).   

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