Katie Jo Glaves, MA, LMFT, Therapist

Southcenter Location

Southcenter Location

Katie Jo Glaves, MA, LMFT

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) and art therapist who works primarily with children under the age of 18. I hold a BA from Prescott College in Prescott, Arizona and an MA in Psychology with an emphasis in Art Therapy and Marriage and Family Therapy from Antioch University. Prior to my MA, I worked with children in residential treatment settings, with adult and adolescent women with eating disorders and with adults and children with developmental disorders. Since obtaining my Masters Degree, I have worked as therapist at a local agency serving children and families. In my post-MA work, I have focused on working with children with behavior problems, children and teens on the autism spectrum and children and teens dealing with anxiety and trauma.


My goal is to combine evidenced-based practices with art therapy to help families and children thrive. I often employ CBT skills, DBT skills, narrative therapy and Bowen family therapy with art therapy to increase coping skills, support positive growth, and create a healthy, happy atmosphere for families and children.

To address anxiety, behavioral problems and emotional regulation issues for children, I utilize bibliotherapy (reading books about problems that are similar to the child’s), CBT and DBT exercises (meditation, thought-stopping skills, scaling), and art therapy (to make the skills more concrete). For children 3-7 with behavior problems, I utilize Helping the Non-compliant Child, a parent-child therapy program that helps parents learn to set limits and enjoy time with their child. I also utilize games to teach lessons and as rewards for participation in therapy. Parents are often part of sessions, so that they know the skills the child is working on and can re-enforce those skills at home.


For teens, I focus on helping teens develop independence, self-regulation, and interpersonal skills. The task of adolescence is to become more independent while still maintaining a healthy connection to family. Most mental illnesses in teens are in part due to dysfunction in their connection to others and/or their ability to self-regulate and act independently. Balancing connection and independent is difficult, both for teens and their parents; some hurt feelings in this process are to be expected. But it is crucial that teens get the skills before they leave home. I assume parents will need some support around their child’s emerging independence, so I leave time to coach parents on both how to support and how to place healthy limits on their teen.


I like to joke one reason I work well with children is that I have never forgotten what it is like to be a child! I love children’s books and movies, and have nerf sword battles in the backyard with my husband. I enjoy biking, art making, writing children’s books and am game master for a weekly role-playing game (the geek is strong with this one!). I also spend time with my animals, two cats (River and Kara), two goats (Leia and Rey) and five chickens (Portia, Viola, Beatrice, Miranda and Cordelia).