Ivko Pejovic, MA, LMHC, Therapist

Mountlake Terrace Location

Mountlake Terrace Location

Ivko Pejovic, MA, LMHC

True health is found in a positive attitude toward life that refuses to be defeated by anything.   Daisaku Ikeda

What is the purpose in life? It is to become happy!  We become happy when we are able to develop our authentic self and achieve personal satisfaction.  This can be accomplished by setting goals and achieving them through hard work and commitment.  When we reach those goals, we feel a sense of accomplishment and pride. Our self-worth is elevated and as a result we feel joy and confidence in ourselves.  In turn this spurs a stronger determination to continue to make progress and growth.  The purpose of counseling is to support this lifelong journey.   


My first meaningful job was as a caregiver supporting developmentally disabled adults and their families. I learned how to listen, connect and care for other human beings.   A place of trust and safety was created through these seemingly simply actions.  This is why CARE is my first core value.

I next opened my own residential care facility, providing counseling and case management services to elderly residents.  Many of my residents experienced a lot of loss in their lives including their own diminished health. I learned that every human being has a unique purpose regardless of his or her mental health condition, age, sexual orientation or cultural background.  Each of us has the ability to find our inner beauty and to become emotionally healthy and strong.  My work with aging and dying residents will always remain my highest honor and most meaningful clinical experience.  I have developed COMPASSION, my second core value.

For over four years I worked in a community mental health setting providing counseling services for under-privileged populations.  I utilized Client-Centered/Humanistic, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) as therapeutic approaches.  In particular, I facilitated DBT groups. The philosophy of DBT, an evidence-based practice, when combined in a group or individual experience is profound and effective. Participants find their own “Middle Path” or “Wise Mind”, and a “Life Worth Living”.  As a facilitator of this DBT approach, I also become a participant by practicing the skills and commit to this process of growth.  To the degree that I grow as a clinician I am able to better support you, my client.  COMMITMENT is my third core value.

" Human being exist fully amid their relationships between one another."


In addition to meeting requirements in the state of Washington, I've  also completed the Advanced Course for Clinical Supervision. Providing supervision is valuable and particularly meaningful to clinicians who might be in the process of building their own clinical skills and practice.  Witnessing a clinicians growth and development through this work in turn strengthens my determination to continue to grow as a clinician and clinical supervisor and as a human being. 

"It takes a human being to raise and foster another human being."