Hannah Smith, MA, LMHC, Therapist

Mountlake Terrace Location

Mountlake Terrace Location

Hannah Smith, MA, LMHC, CGP


I am a Licensed Mental Health Therapist (Lic# 000010370) and Certified Group Psychotherapist with nearly 20 years of experience and master’s degrees in Special Education and Counseling Psychology. In addition, I hold various specialty certifications, including developmental disability, child specialist, and Deaf specialist (I am fluent in ASL/Deaf culture). I am also a State-approved Therapist Supervisor.


I primarily treat ages 12 and over for Anxiety/OCD, Personality Disorders, Spiritual Issues/Abuse, and Trauma/PTSD. I also work with couples with communication and/or parenting issues. Diagnoses and life circumstances aside, though – I know YOU are COMPLEX. You are mind, body, spirit, and relationships. I address the many facets of you and your life with a caring, whole-person approach. As a trained teacher as well as a therapist, I have a structured method that is built on cognitive-behavioral, experiential, and group modalities. I begin by learning your unique story and I will work to equip you with understanding and skills to help make the crucial work of change more manageable. Your pain matters and addressing it is of utmost importance to me. Once you feel confident in your skills, I will work to help you reach your social, work, and personal goals.

My experience includes work both in the US and abroad, as well as a variety of settings, including corporate, educational, and clinical. I have been an in-home family therapist, a clinical supervisor and trainer, and have even worked as a behavior coach in a large company in India (jai ho!)! All of this has given me a unique perspective, cross-cultural competence, and overall relatability. I’m told I have an engaging communication style and can convey difficult information in a compassionate and understandable manner. I am most certainly tireless in the pursuit of learning about and helping my clients understand themselves better.

Throughout my career, I have done extensive study and work in neuroscience-informed treatment of Anxiety and Trauma. With my varied background, and in my own journey, I have found the incorporation of current brain science an effective way to reduce shame and increase a sense of self-efficacy. My passion is to help you build a life that brings you fulfillment and joy!


Learning and teaching are true passions of mine. On my off hours, you’ll often find me studying, writing, or creating training modules – usually in a local coffee shop! And, no – I don’t like coffee!!  I’m a tea girl all the way! I am just an introvert that loves being around people. I travel frequently around the country working with other clinicians to educate on and promote whole-person treatment. Whenever possible, I enjoy time at home or on outings with my husband, step-son, little sis and her whip-smart guide dog, and our cat, Gabby (the cutest, sassiest kitty ever!).

All people are respected and welcomed in my practice. I look forward to our meeting and will be honored to walk some of this amazing journey with you. If you would like to know more, please…