Geoff Simkins, MSW, LICSW, Therapist

Mountlake Terrace Location

Mountlake Terrace Location

Geoff Simkins, MSW, LICSW


I grew up about an hour north of Seattle in Bellingham, Washington and was fortunate to have supportive parents and opportunities to succeed. They tried to teach me the importance of hard work and responsibility.  After high school I enlisted in the US Navy as a submariner and was able to learn a lot from my shipmates and my time in the service.  
I received 2 degrees from the University of Washington (Psychology BA, Social Work MSW) and have studied; anthropology, biology, philosophy, sociology, politics, history, gender dynamics, social work, psychology, psychiatry, mental health counseling techniques and behavior therapies, among other fields. 

I provided individual and group counseling Veteran’s for the VA, and interned at a hospice facility.  As a Tobacco quit coach I taught behavioral modification strategies to around 3,000 tobacco users over the phone for 1800QUITNOW and then spent 3 years as a counselor and assessor in the Snohomish county community mental health. 

As an assessor, I conducted over 1000 psychosocial intakes, provided diagnoses, and assigned the appropriate level of care and clinician for thousands of clients.  I have confidence using assessment tools (DSM IV/V, ICD-10) to provide accurate diagnose of mental illness, and recommend appropriate treatments to address clinical needs.  


I believe that people who seek therapy are brave and admire anyone seeking self improvement and willing to do some work to get there.  
My primary areas of focus include:  Changing thought patterns, depression, anxiety, mindfulness, relationships, and communication.
With mindfulness and behavioral techniques we may be able to simultaneously address both short and long term goals.  I use aspects of behavioral strategies like CBT, DBT, and mindfulness.  When our brain becomes more ally than enemy, I think we get out of our own way.  
Whether helping someone in tough spot, or helping those to reach their highest potential, I just enjoy being along for the ride. 
***I am unable to see clients who are on Medicaid or Apple Health.  Please verify this with your insurance, otherwise future appointments will be cancelled and you must be referred elsewhere.  If you are on Medicaid please call #211 to access community mental health services.*** 

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