Eve Tobin, MA, LMHC, Therapist

Southcenter Location

Southcenter Location

Eve Tobin, MA, LMHC

I am a Licensed Mental Health Clinician (LMHC) and Art Therapist serving children, families, and adults in the Seattle area. I received my Master’s of Arts in Art Therapy with a specialization in Mental Health Counseling from Lesley University in Cambridge, MA in 2012. I use a combination of client-centered and humanistic approaches to help my clients heal mind, body, and soul. I work with clients who are looking for help with a variety of issues including depression, anxiety, trauma, parenting skills, life transitions, school issues, behavioral problems, and self-esteem. Art making is a terrific way to help elicit those emotions and understand them in a safe and nonjudgmental way. I truly enjoy making art and sharing that love with my clients.

My professional background involves providing psychotherapy with individuals ages 4 and up. My experience includes work with adults with serious mental health issues at an adult day treatment center providing group treatment. We utilized cognitive behavior and mindfulness techniques to help clients live a less symptomatic life. At my previous position, I worked as an outpatient clinician with individuals and families managing a wide range of issues including depression, anxiety, complex medical issues, trauma, parenting concerns, and behavioral issues. I gained invaluable experience by visiting clients in the community, including going into schools and homes to provide a full array of wrap-around services. Working in community mental health has taught me to appreciate and respect the therapeutic process.

I work by first gathering background information to fully access stressors and areas that may be causing and/or contributing to your mental health issues. Looking at an individual’s life as a whole helps both the client and I to better understand and work on potential areas of change. Diagnosing is necessary to treatment but does not define who the client is as a person. I believe that forming treatment goals together is the best way to having a successful relationship. I look at the treatment process as a journey we take together. I will be your guide and partner. It is an honor to be chosen as your therapist and I will respect that relationship through providing a nonjudgmental space to becoming a better version of yourself.

I am an accredited Triple P (Positive Parenting Program) provider. Triple P is a parenting and family support system designed to prevent – as well as treat – behavioral and emotional problems in children and teenagers. I work with youth ages birth to 12 with mild and moderate behavioral difficulties. For more information please visit their website www.priplep.net.

I am also trained in Trauma Focused-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT). TF-CBT is an evidence-based treatment for youth and adolescents who have experienced single and recurrent complex trauma experiences. It is a structured, short-term treatment model in 8-25 sessions with the client and caregiver. It affectively addresses affective, cognitive, and behavioral problems related to trauma and PTSD.

I have lived in the Seattle area for the past 2 years. I enjoy spending my free time in nature, taking walks with my dog, and playing pinball. I work on my own art as a creative outlet. My current