Dez Arcieri, MA, LMFT, Therapist

Seattle - Fremont Location

Seattle - Fremont Location

Dez Arcieri, MA, LMFT

Hello and Welcome! I am a Psychotherapist, Certified Yoga Instructor, and Mindfulness Coach. I am happy that you are looking into wellness and am honored to be a part of your journey. I am an integrative therapist and use many Evidence Based Practices alongside alternative, Eastern practices to create a holistic approach to treatment and recovery, attending to mind, body, and spirit.  I believe fully in meeting you where you are, so I use interventions to suit your current needs and desires.

I am skilled in a variety of techniques, including talk therapy, somatic therapy, yoga therapy, mindfulness, body awareness, and other creative interventions, to help you gain clarity, release fears and attachments, and operate from a place of honest vulnerability so that you may cultivate a life of love, peace, and health.

My goal is to assist you in authentic, compassionate, and whole-hearted living.  Together we will safely attend to difficult emotions, manage thoughts and behaviors, and learn to self-regulate mood for overall improved happiness and wellbeing.