Denise Krouse, MC, LMHC, MDFT, Therapist

Northgate Location

Northgate Location

Denise Krouse, MC, LMHC, MDFT


I have over 30 years of clinical experience providing psychotherapy and support to people who struggle with depression, anxiety, interpersonal and family conflicts, job related stress, parenting concerns and the impact of trauma, illness and life transitions. 
I have a Master's in Counseling from Seattle University and a postgraduate Certificate in Medical Family Therapy from Seattle Pacific University. I have extensive experience in both inpatient and outpatient mental health facilities. I am specifically trained to collaborate with medical professionals to help patients and their families cope with the effects of illness. I spent the past ten years working with medical providers to provide mental health care in primary clinics and nursing homes. I also currently facilitate support groups for cancer patients. 


Life challenges us at every stage of life. We experience symptoms such as anxiety, depression, self-doubt, disappointment, loss of trust, grief, loneliness, hopelessness, resentment, and anger. However, it's during these times of adversity that often stimulate people to change and grow. My approach to psychotherapy is to provide a safe nurturing environment to probe and understand your current experience. 
I use evidence-based treatments that include insight-oriented therapy to explore your past and its possible effects on your current thoughts and feelings. I also use mindfulness based cognitive-behavioral therapy to help regulate you develop emotional control and cultivate more empathy and compassion. I am trained in positive psychology and neuroplasticity techniques to help change behavior and adopt more positive ways of thinking. Together we can explore how best meet your needs to develop more satisfaction in your personal relationships, and cultivate healthier patterns of living. 
As an older adult I have observed and experienced many of the inevitable upheavals and disappointments in life. An added specialty of mine is working with individuals and families who are dealing with the hardships of serious illness. My education and clinical experience has given me a solid understanding of how to navigate our current medical system. I would be happy to partner with you as you navigate this terrain. 
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