Carola Schmid, MA, LMHC

Fremont Location

Fremont Location

Carola Schmid, MA, LMHC, Therapist

Therapeutic Approach: 

I have extensive experience in crisis work and solution-focused short-term therapy. My philosophy is rooted in existentialism and my approach is based on Acceptance & Commitment Therapy as well as other cognitive behavioral approaches. I believe that we as humans share a desire for meaning, purpose, and a sense of belonging in this life.

We are not able to change our past, we don't have control over many things in life, and we definitely cannot control what might or might not happen in the future. The reality of this is very unsettling and anxiety provoking.

What we can impact is our mindset, which are our reactions and responses to our environment as well as to our emotions. Instead of focusing on trying to make your anxiety go away, which I have never found successful, I believe that in our work together you can learn how to live fully in the present moment despite your anxieties, fears or other unpleasant emotions. 

I am interested in helping you identify what your values are, what might be standing in your way in order for you to act in accordance with those values, (which is something we DO have control over), so you can live your life to your fullest potential in a way that provides meaning for you.


I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with 25 years of clinical experience in the field. I received my Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from the University of Tuebingen in Germany in 1992 and my Master's Degree from the University of Antioch in Seattle in 1994. I have extensive experience in crisis work and solution-focused short-term therapy. I currently manage the Designated Crisis Responder team in Snohomish county and am the President of the Washington State Association of Designated Crisis Responders. 

Other things about me:

I was born in Germany and lived there until I was 25. I moved to Seattle at that time and have lived in the beautiful Pacific Northwest ever since.

I am a successful competitive athlete competing nationally and internationally and have immersed myself in studying how mindset impacts performance in addition to our overall well being. I have a particular interest in, but am by no means limited to, working with athletes who are interested in improving their mindset for performance in their chosen sport. 

I love cooking with many different spices and believe that everybody needs at least five different curry powders in their kitchen.