Blair Hill, MSW, LMHC, LSWAIC, Therapist

Seattle - Fremont Location

Seattle - Fremont Location


I am a licensed mental health counselor and social worker and have been working in the mental health field since 2008.  I have a Bachelor's degree in psychology from The Evergreen State College and Master's in Social Work from the University of Washington.  

I was drawn to social work and therapy in order to give back and improve the therapy experience within my community. It is important to me to provide a space where someone doesn't need to explain their life or face judgement to improve their access to needed care. As such I enjoy working with people from many walks of life and in particular those who identify as LGBTQA and gender non conforming. I work from a sex positive perspective and have experience working with people who identify as non-monogamous, polyamorous, and/or kinky.


I have worked in many different settings in community mental health with adults. For several years I worked in inpatient and residential mental health treatment providing supports and group therapy. In graduate school and following graduation I have provided therapy, case management, and substance abuse support.

I have experience working with individuals and couples/partner groups around issues with depression, anxiety, psychosis, trauma responses, substance abuse, and gender transition.


I am an adaptable therapist and pull from many different theories and methods based on the clients need. In particular I have found significant success with existential, psychodynamic, mindfulness, and family systems. I always endeavor to create space for my clients to find greater comfort with their thoughts, emotions, and ultimately themselves. This creates the opportunity for building greater meaning and connection in life.

Our present is often informed by our past. The things we learn from our family, partners, own life experiences influence who we are as people. These events can change our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors in ways that are meant to keep us feeling safe but can oftentimes be unhelpful to us in the long term. I firmly believe therapy allows time to explore these responses and develop new habits to build more life satisfaction.