Benjamin Dobbeck, PsyD, Licensed Psychologist

Southcenter Location

Southcenter Location

Benjamin Dobbeck, PsyD

Hello! I am a clinical psychologist who is licensed in both Washington and Oregon. I earned my Doctorate of Psychology (Psy.D.) from George Fox University in Newberg, Oregon in 2000. I picked up my Master of Arts degree along the way from the same institution in 1995, as well as my Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Arts in 1981, when it was known as George Fox College. I provide individual therapy to older adolescents and adults of all ages. I have an affinity for working with individuals suffering from mood disorders such as depression, anxiety in its many forms, ADHD, trauma-related disorders, and phase of life issues, and spiritual concerns.

My work with men has expanded over the years and includes those suffering from impulse control problems, anger management issues, as well as those simply seeking to be a better husband, partner or father in a complex society with changing roles and expectations.

Comprehensive psychological evaluations are offered to individuals throughout the lifespan, from assessing learning disabilities in children to senior adults who suspect dementia. Other evaluations include answering specific diagnostic questions, assessing for disability, as well court-ordered evaluations.


I grew up in northern Ohio with two older siblings and a widowed mother. I idolized both my older brother and my best friend’s dad who provided examples of kindness and generosity. I was impressed by my mom’s dedication to furthering her education as she earned two Master’s degrees and a Doctorate to better life for herself and us kids.
My interest in psychology began very early on as I observed that my mother’s fear of change prevented her from taking the necessary risks to capitalize on her educational success. Adding to this was my brother’s vehement protesting of the war in Vietnam, and my wonderful aunt Janet’s irrational cheering on of the Cleveland Indians through their worst years of the 70’s. But to her, there was always tomorrow! These varied experiences and observations combined to form this thought, “What is more fun and interesting than human behavior?”

Working with adolescents in psychiatric hospitals gave way to directing two adolescent treatment centers after earning my Master’s degree. My doctoral internship involved the assessment of Native American adolescents in a dual-diagnosis residential setting as well evaluating and following adults in clinical research trials. When finally licensed as a psychologist, clinical research dominated my professional life while I nurtured and enjoyed a small private practice on the side.


I am guided by the simple truth that people deserve to be treated with integrity, respect and kindness. As a basis for every session, this truth provides a safe place to speak plainly without fear of judgment. Treatment begins with the understanding that you have taken the first step towards improving your life and that my role is to assist you along the way as best I can. To accomplish this, I practice Multimodal Therapy, which takes into account an individual’s behaviors, emotions, sensations, interpersonal relationships, thoughts, imagery and medications they may be taking, or may need to take in the future. Together, we create a treatment plan with the most pressing issues being addressed first. This approach uses a variety of evidenced-based techniques from various theoretical orientations, such as Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Existential Therapy, Mindfulness-Based approaches and Solution-Focused Therapy. This approach and can accommodate a long-term therapeutic relationship, as well as shorter, goal-directed needs. For patients suffering from PTSD, Prolonged Exposure therapy (PE) is practiced exclusively.

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