Our Story

When we first founded Mindful Therapy Group we had a vision of uniting like-minded mental healthcare specialists to serve greater Seattle with compassion, experience and a fresh outlook on mental wellness.

More than 7 years later, we are now serving a highly-respected group of over 110 independent clinicians. They have collectively served over 15,000 families, couples, teenagers and children seeking to improve their lives with professional guidance.

We look forward to carefully listening to your needs and providing access to the most qualified and compassionate mental healthcare specialists offered in the Seattle area.

Together, we aren’t just Co-founders and Executive Directors of Mindful Therapy Group; we’re also married and have a couple of kids. We run together almost daily and have found that working together has created a different layer to our relationship that really works.

We look forward to personally welcoming you to Mindful Therapy Group,

Derek and Jessica Crain
Derek Clain



To value diverse points of view and treat each other, our members, our staff and the folks in our community well


To speak from the heart and to be transparent and honest


We have a drive like no other and will keep pushing in order to always do better


Our goal is to bring together a group that truly values working together to serve our community in a holistic way