Low Cost Counseling

We have several of our providers who offer a select few openings for low-cost counseling services. Our intake team will be able to give you more detailed information regarding the current openings, and will also be able to provide other resources that are available in the community. Give them a call at 425-640-7009 ext. 1, or fill out our Find a Provider form and specify your interest in low-cost options.

Individual providers in the group have also  partnered with the University of Washington School of Social Work to provide a practicum site for their Masters Programs. Our licensed mental health professionals are mentoring and teaching our second year masters level Interns the practical applications of the fundamentals of therapy in the clinical setting, including mental health counseling across the lifespan, psychiatric evaluation and assessment, building relationships with both clients and the community, and serving as community liaisons by providing case management and resources for clients in need.

The interns are offering these services at a very low cost, so we may reach further into our community and provide services to those who may not otherwise afford it or have access to mental health care or resources, one of the foundations and mission of the UW School of Social Work.  At this time, we are waiting on our next interns to be placed and familiarized with our processes, and will be available for low-cost services towards the end of the year.

"Social change is inevitable, but human needs are the same from one generation to another. " 
- Arlien Johnson, Founding Director of the UW SSW

Inquire About Our Low Cost Counseling Services

Phone: 425 640 7009
Email: info@mindfultherapygroup.com

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