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Lauren Herrera, MA, LMHC


If we accomplish anything in our therapy, I hope it's that you recognize that you're worthwhile, no matter what.

My office will be your sacred space where you can be open, and experience trust, confidence, and balance. A place where you'll have the ability to practice self-compassion, the drive to work through discomfort, and anything that's holding you back.

If people close to you have said you're being "too emotional," or you're really trying to jump over your next life hurdle... Your most authentic self is in the process of birthing.

But if things keep going this way, you are afraid of losing relationships, feeling guilty all the time, and shutting down. You don't wanna spread your negative energy. And you're sick of being so hard on yourself. 

We make the most of our time in session - efficiently. You'll pull yourself back up. You're not only gonna get through it, you'll walk out of my office with a sense of purpose and motivation, feeling reassured that you'll be successful and treat yourself with as much love and care as you do for other people in your life. 

If you're a woman, mom or mom-to-be, young adult, college or grad student who wants the ability to feel not just okay, but to feel really connected, living with autonomy, and to be happy and healthy again, YOU can create the life you so badly want.

I’ll invite you to practice skills and tools so you can radically change your way of being in the world.

I'm happy to support you with a positive and experienced perspective, as you start balancing all areas of your life, overcoming challenges, and feeling empowered in your everyday. 

Sometimes, it will be difficult - to sort through relationship issues, memories, and life struggles. And not just the surface level. The things that are most fulfilling in life often take effort - and I know you're not afraid of a little work.

Your dream life is waiting for you to live it.

And other people will thank you for helping you.

We decide together to end therapy when you feel adjusted, uplifted, strong, and capable! 

Feel free to request to work with me if you're ready to support your Whole Being Health, and create new habits in natural and very intentional ways. 

My favorite thing in the world is watching somebody be successful, and if we agree we’re an ideal fit for therapy, I wholeheartedly believe that you will be. Because success to me, is being in your essence. And that you already are.

I’m honored to connect with you. 

To learn more, feel free to check out my website!