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Jamie Star, MA, MHP, LMHC, HCHT

I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) with an MA in Professional Counseling from Amridge University in Montgomery, Alabama, and a Heart-Centered Hypnotherapist (HCHT) through the Wellness Institute in Issaquah, WA. There are patterns within your unconscious that keep you trapped in unexpressed emotions. Whether awake or asleep, your inner world speaks to you and archetypes work through you. By honoring your authentic self and coming into alignment with healthy choices free of emotional baggage, you will begin to shed the habits that keep you depressed, ashamed, afraid, overweight, or unlucky in love. My job is to help you find the archetypes that guide you, break unhealthy patterns, and align body, mind, and spirit.

Therapy Practice and Approach

Therapy is soul-making. I approach our time together as sacred because you have the opportunity to work on the deepest parts of yourself and solve problems to make your life full of meaning, joy, and purpose. Combining practical skills with deep meaning, I meet you where you are to develop your emotional tool-box while healing past wounds, so that you know what to do next time, and can approach problems from a place of courage and strength.

I work with adults who haven't done well in traditional therapies that only address behavior or thoughts, or who have been told they are "treatment resistant". I have particular experience with those who practice alternative lifestyles (polyamorous, swinger, BDSM, genderqueer) and non-mainstream spiritualties (New Age, Pagan, Wiccan, Occult, Polytheism, "spiritual but not religious", Gnosticism, Earth-centered), as well as empaths, artists, introverts, and intuitives.

My specialized training includes in-depth work with archetypes, DBT skills, motivational interviewing, progressive relaxation, Gestalt experiences, psychospiritual development, pattern analysis, and person-centered psychotherapy. Hypnotherapy focuses on getting to your true self and healing the past so you can live more authentically in the present. I am an approved Trim-Life Weight Loss provider and Clean Break Smoking Cessation provider. 

My role is to guide you through the phases of your personal healing journey and beyond. I help translate psychological phenomena, dreams, and patterns. I offer options to align you to health and happiness, and assist you to stay motivated through the difficult parts of change. With psychotherapy, I treat mood disorders such as depression and bipolar disorder, anxiety, trauma, relationship issues, and psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia. If you choose, these can also be treated with hypnotherapy. Please note that I treat ADHD, addiction, phobia, and personality disorders ONLY with hypnotherapy.

In relationship counseling, I believe relationships are a contract we create with loved ones, often without knowledge of what we expect! The key to happiness in love is to untangle co-dependent relationships and allow each whole person to take responsibility for themselves before they can give to another. Often we did not have the role-models necessary to learn how to sustain a loving relationship. Yet these can all be overcome. You deserve to have healthy, lasting love.

My Background

I grew up in Puyallup, Washington and have lived in the Pacific Northwest most of my life. My mother had an artists temperament but struggled on her own for part of my childhood to provide for my brother and I. From her I learned to be compassionate towards others in their trials, and she taught me to make independent choices. When she married my step dad, I finally got the male role model I craved, and from him learned a love of the intellect and Classic literature (which sustained me through my bachelors degree). Unfortunately, a series of bad boyfriends, abusive relationships, and crumbling marriages unraveled my sense of self, and I became disassociated--desperate to please others and hungry for emotional safety. 

In college, I struggled with delayed PTSD symptoms and went to therapy. It wasn't very successful. Through CBT I learned how to think better about my behavior. Trauma therapy made me feel raw but not healed. On a deep level I felt like my therapists didn't understand me--so I worked to out-smart them as I continued to avoid my emotions and hijack my relationships. I figured therapy just didn't work for me and my case was hopeless.

Real change came for me through a gestalt experience with the myth of Persephone's abduction to the Underworld. I could understand myself in light of these archetypes, and used the archetype of Aphrodite to learn what real love could be. From these lessons, I developed the "Love Like a Goddess" curriculum. I deepened this work through Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy and discovered that underneath my "damage" was a passionate woman with real feelings and strong intuition.

I became a mental health counselor because I wanted to help people change in a deep way. In school, I learned the very processes that had so alienated me in my own journey. I vowed never to be "that therapist" that put people in boxes, defined by a diagnosis and ignoring the uniqueness of the soul. I spent five years working in community mental health undoing that learning. In my spiritual journey, I became an ordained high priestess, which orients how I approach my work. I've been called "the therapists therapist" because my techniques are uncommon, creative, and efficient while still being evidence-based.

There are many paths to wellness. I would be honored to accompany you.