How do I know which therapist to choose?

This is a tough question. We will do our best to match you with the therapist we feel would be best given your presenting issues, preferences, schedule and insurance plan. The rest is up to you and your therapist. If you feel that you would be better suited with someone else after a session or two, that's ok! We understand that who you share with and build a relationship is very personal and it must feel right and comfortable for you. Please share that feedback and we will do everything we can to match you with a different provider. This question is asked so frequently we blogged about it!


How early should I come to my first appointment? 

We recommend you come at least 15 minutes prior to your first appointment, so you have time to fill out any applicable intake forms, and take a look at the new client agreements and policies set forth by your provider.  Because each provider has their own agreement, you will need to fill one out for each provider you see in the office. 


In this high tech era, how do you keep my information safe?

We take your privacy seriously and are committed to keeping your Protected Health Information (PHI) safe, in accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) .

Please take a look at our Notice of Privacy Practices .


How often will I need to see my therapist? 

It is generally recommend to commit to weekly sessions for the first 2-3 months, as it may take the first few sessions just getting a detailed history and thorough assessment of what is going on. Every person and every therapist's style is different.  The bottom line is, we're here to help in whatever way we can. We understand that the best way to do this is to establish a trusting relationship over time, and to mutually put in the effort and commitment to make lasting change in your life.


How long will I need therapy?

We believe in healthy termination. This looks different for everyone, but in general, when the client and therapist decide together that the issues have resolved or symptoms have lessened and become more manageable. Ideally, you will feel equipped to handle whatever it is that brought you here, and can space out your appointments or come back when you need help again. 


Can I email or call my therapist when I need to talk? 

Please note that email is not a secure way of transmitting personal information, unless you are using a password protected and encrypted email. In addition, your provider is here for you, during your scheduled appointment. Any additional time in excess of 5 minutes per week, may be billed at their case management rates.  *There are exceptions to this in the case of emergency or crisis.


What if I can't make it to my scheduled appointment? 

We ask for as much notice as possibles in the case of a missed or cancelled appointment, or you may be billed your provider's late cancellation/ missed appointment fee. We understand that life happens, and the decision to bill you their fee is individual to the provider. Most of the providers in the group have very tight schedules and waiting lists for open appointments.  Our goal is to provide excellent care and in return we ask that our time is valued.


What if my therapist is sick or on vacation and I need help? 

As soon as we know your provider is unable to see you for your scheduled appointment for any reason, we will call you and let you know. Your provider will alert you to any days off or vacations with notice when possible, and may appoint a backup provider to handle urgent needs during their time off.   You can also call our administrative team with any urgent needs and we will deliver your message appropriately.  If you are in crisis and unable to reach your provider, we recommend calling the crisis clinic at 1-866-4-CRISIS (866-427-4747) or reporting to the nearest Emergency Room. 


WHAT DOES IT MEAN THAT EACH OF THE providers ARE "INDEPENDENT provider businesses"?

Each mental health provider is an independent business, providing services and operating completely independent from any direction or control of Mindful Therapy Group. Each business carries their own business licenses, Department of Health License to practice mental health, Professional and General Liability Insurance, as well as establish their own policies for their practices. Many providers are also providing services and have business locations out in the community.  Mindful Therapy Group is the collaborative space and vehicle for providing continuity of care, but does not actually provide any mental health services in and of itself.   If you have a question regarding policies or fees, please check in with the admin team, but know that we will likely refer you back to your provider for further discussion or negotiation.  The work that you do with your mental health professional is in no way a representation of Mindful Therapy Group, while we hope to surround ourselves with like-minded professionals with shared goals and a positive community attitude and spirit. 


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