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Deanna Hamamoto, MA, LMHC


My name is Deanna and I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the state of Washington. I have a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from Argosy University - Seattle and a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Eastern Washington University.

My experience has been providing therapy services to children, youth, and families in underserved communities. Most of my training has focused on working with individuals who have experienced dating/domestic and sexual violence. I have also had the opportunity to do prevention work with adolescents around healthy relationships. I am experienced in helping individuals heal in the areas of trauma and abuse, relationships, stress management, self-esteem, cultural identity and life transitions.

Therapy Approach

Change is constant. Life throws us challenges and it is normal to feel overwhelmed. I believe that being in these situations provides us with opportunity for growth. My approach is based on drawing individual’s strengths and awareness in order to build the skills needed to navigate life’s stressor and achieve a sense of well-being.

Therapeutic experience will look different for every client. My approach will differ for children, youth, families, and young adults. Therapy is most effective when it is a collaborative process where we will navigate through the challenges and transitions that life presents. I use techniques from a range of theories to help facilitate personal growth.


Our families, culture, and life experiences shaped us to be who we are today. I am always fascinated when individuals share their stories. No stories are the same. The common theme I see in all these stories are human connection. For me, I struggled a lot when I moved from Japan to Spokane, WA. It is common to move somewhere new and it can be hard to adjust. We move from one community and begin to  search for a new community. It is scary to be in a new place as a child, teen, or an adult. As I began searching for different places to attend graduate school, I decided to embark on my journey to beautiful Seattle, WA. Seattle is full of diverse communities, and I didn’t realize there was a strong Japanese community here. It provided me the opportunity to feel connected to my cultural identity again. I truly believe in the importance of celebrating our unique cultural identities because it gives us a positive sense of belonging and connectedness.