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David Kahle, MA, LMHC


Hello and welcome. I am a licensed Mental Health Counselor with a Master of Arts Degree in Counseling Psychology from Argosy University. My primary counseling experience is with adults ranging from 18-96 years of age. I bet I could give you a memorable quote from each end of the age range and you would have a remarkably difficult time trying to decide who said which quote.  Boil things down, and people at every stage of life struggle with similar challenges; anxiety, depression, grief, experiences of trauma, trust issues, shame, interpersonal effectiveness, disappointment, anger, hopelessness, resentment, loneliness.  These are all common challenges. I’m grateful that there are evidence based methods for addressing these challenges. Tools to provide new insights, solution focused approaches and ways to leverage existing strengths to best effect.  The fact that you are reading this means there is a part of you, a life affirming part, that is hopeful. That part of you believes there are answers to your current challenges. I would love to meet you where you are.


I vary my approach to therapy based on what seems to fit each person’s need. If part of you beats up on yourself while another part of you feels ashamed or inadequate, you might benefit from “Parts Therapy.” Get a handle on these polarized “voices” in your head that pull you multiple directions. Stop that internal chatterbox and get some calm, some clarity, and some tools to lead from a more centered place. Or maybe your thoughts are not exactly accurate …and if you stop, you can realize these thoughts wouldn’t hold up in a court of law as truth…but they just really FEEL like they’re true. We will use proven ways to fix this mind/body disconnect and start feeling better in your mind and in your gut. Really! There are a lot of fancy names for these psychological methods but the names aren’t important and honestly seem a bit bookish. The important thing is that there are many tools to choose from. Based on my experience one or more of these methods will move you toward a life much closer to what you dream it can be.