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Brittany King, MSW, LICSW

As humans, our number one need is connection.  Therapy is a place to find connection, comfort and understanding.  Whether we are looking for someone to help navigate us through a difficult life event or to sort out some things in our lives or relationships, therapy provides an ear, a comfortable place to be ourselves and be vulnerable.  I have sat in both seats in therapy and know the courage it takes to reach out , as well as the benefits of it.  I am honored to have the opportunity to witness and support clients as they come to appreciate themselves and experience their courageous efforts.

When we can learn to experience joy verses fear of failure, rejection, or perfectionism-- what a gift. Fear becomes such an immense barrier in our lives and it takes time and practice to challenge it. My goal for my clients is to provide a place where it feels safe to be authentic, to be themselves in a world where we are held to social norms and afraid of what others might think of us.  A favorite quote of mine that a dear friend shared with me is “Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly, until you learn it” – Zig Ziglar.

I provide therapy to adolescents, adults and couples and my primary areas of focus include: eating disorders, support to family and friends of someone struggling with an eating disorder, LGBTQ, relationships including polyamory, anxiety, depression, adjustment/ life transitions, self-esteem, and identity. I have worked with a wide range of diverse clientele from different backgrounds and faiths.

Therapeutic Approach to Counseling

I particularly enjoy working with clients through an integrative approach that includes Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Solution Focused therapy, Mindfulness-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Humanistic approaches.  I have focused my therapy practice on helping support clients in becoming aware of their own experience in terms of their emotions, behaviors, and reactions in all areas of their life. I support them through the process of nurturing their ability to seek their own solutions verses getting the answer from another, and discovering the power of community and connection in healing. Using this information, clients can begin to explore which patterns they identify as helpful or not, and where they have willingness to approach situations in a different manner, leading toward taking steps to a life that is more fulfilling.

About Me

I am a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW) in the State of Washington.  I received my undergraduate and graduate education at Eastern Washington University.  I engage in advanced clinical training on a regular basis to continue learning about new and different ways of providing support to clients.  I started my therapeutic practice specializing in eating disorders with adults, adolescents and families in the Seattle area.  As I continued my work I began have enjoyed developing my skills with clients who identify as LGBTQ, those struggling grief and loss, exploration of relationships, and life transitions.  

I grew up in a small town where everyone knows their neighbors and people stayed in town to start their families. I grew up always yearning to be in a big city and to travel the world. I carved my own path, separating from my family, and applied to college in a different state. I have learned so much about life-- joy, struggle, courage, and perseverance from my experiences and from taking that leap.  I attribute most of this to the connection with people I have met both here in Seattle, through my college experience away, and in different countries.

In my free time I try to live life in a way that aligns with my values-- connection, learning, creating, and traveling.  I love to see how people interact and live in different countries and cultures.  What they find important and how they deal with their day to day life.  When I was 28, I realized I had never traveled and had used every excuse in the book as to why it was unattainable. Then one day I decided I would travel to Indonesia alone and backpack for 2 weeks.  I took two steps off the airplane and my fears set in.  I was away from what I knew, what was predictable, and what was comfortable.  After the fear settled and I began my journey, I met the most amazing people, made friends from across the globe, learned to experience my own company, and experienced the most beautiful of sunsets over the Indian ocean on the beach of Bali.  To this day it is still the best decision I have made in my life and the most memorable.  Overcoming our fear is an amazing thing, I will never forget that.

For more in-depth information about my practice, please visit my website: www.seattlesolacecounseling.