The State of Women’s Mental Health in America

How Far Have Women Come?

We’ve noticed a lot of concern since the recent heated debates from the Kavanaugh investigation with Christine Blasey-Ford. Based on these events, a lot of women have come to us with a renewed sense of anxiety and fears about the future.

There were groups who backed Ford’s testimony, groups who thought she was lying, and groups who chose to think it was not a big deal. Depending on where your beliefs lie, the outcome of the investigation could raise some mental health concerns that we wanted to address for you here.

It was almost a year ago when the #MeToo movement went viral and this was a big deal. It broke a lot of ground in raising awareness around women’s issues and really gave us a voice to be heard. But there are still many issues that women face in today’s social, business, and political climate that need to be remedied.

The recent political events really had an impact on women who had invested a lot of themselves and a lot of their time and dreams into this movement. Their hopes that their own stories were making a difference had been shattered when women’s rights were put into question once again.  But the truth is, women today have to unite. We have to stand together and back our fellow women if we truly value respect and if we really want to eliminate this culture that makes it okay to smear our dignity.

For too long, we have not been comfortable in our own bodies, our own sexuality, or even our own emotions and thoughts. 25% of women in the US are on some type of pharmaceutical drug for anxiety, depression, and other mental illnesses.

This is clearly a result of the world we live in, one where we’re still considered second-class citizens, even if everyone likes to pretend on the surface that we’re all happy and equal. This is the reason why we need to stick together. The more united we are, the louder we can be, and the more our stories can be heard.

Our Mission

For many of us, we believe Ford had no choice but to free herself from the shackles of her past trauma by speaking out, and yet, she got so much ridicule in return. But we know that what she did was brave. We know exactly what it took for her to speak her truth, but here’s where we need to be prepared to face our own truths ourselves.

We are seeing first-hand the repercussions that this whole investigation has on people
who are going through similar situations.
Women come to us because they see what happened to Ford, and they feel even more terrified of telling their story. They feel like there is no hope for justice.

Women battle these mental struggles daily. Whether it be in their professional careers, personal relationships, or nights out with friends, they are put face to face with this psychological violence and are forced to deal with unrelenting power dynamics. They aren’t necessarily being physically attacked, but they are being mentally worn down by a battle we had hoped we were past.

Given specific events, some women have expressed renewed anxiety over these issues and are beginning to take on a tone of hopelessness that we just can’t sit by and watch. We knew that we needed to shed some more light on this topic and make sure that women across Seattle know their mental health is a priority.

We want all women to know that their story does matter and they have every right to speak it.

Continue Telling Your Story

During these times, it’s so easy to get caught up in this thought process. It’s so easy to mentally throw in the towel and just decide that your own values don’t align with others. But it is so important that we do the opposite.

We have to get past our personal emotions and fears and push ourselves to be unapologetic-ally empowered.

The thing is, we don’t have to be ready just quite yet. We can take our time to build up the confidence that we need to share our stories and promote our truths.

Seattle is lucky enough to have a lot of resources available to help us do just that.
Therapy can be a great place to turn for non-judgmental views, a place that
actually gets it. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you are struggling internally with these experiences and you need some help to get the confidence to fight back.

If therapy isn’t something you want to commit to, know that there are also plenty of support groups to turn to as well. It is so powerful when people unite together who have similar stories to share. Whichever path you choose, therapy or support groups, get yourself in a mental place where you are willing to take action.

Yes, there is a group of people out there who just don’t get it. They have been focused on their own past experiences, political leaders, family, and friends and haven’t been exposed to the reality, but just because other opinions seem to swing that way at this time, doesn’t mean that there aren’t more of us who know the truth.

So we encourage all women to embrace the movement once more and not be afraid to feel the way they are feeling. We have a right to our own emotions and have to listen to our address our own feelings in order to heal. Healing takes time, but in order to heal, you have to be willing to face the experiences and own them as your own story.