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Yurika Takemoto Gillum, MSW, LICSW


I believe that people who seek therapy are brave individuals. They are choosing to face their unfavorable selves and allow their therapists to be part of the journey. I feel extremely honored that my clients let me be part of this life changing adventure.

My practice aims to help my clients find authenticity in their lives, and learn healthy coping mechanisms to withstand the joy and suffering that life brings. I believe the key to a fulfilling life is to accept your pain, weaknesses and strengths – ­and to love who you are instead of who you should be.

My therapeutic approach, based on a unique melding of therapy modalities, focuses on a person’s strengths – his or her ability to bounce back from difficulties, and to grow and change for the better – and takes place in a welcoming, supportive, non-judgmental environment. These modalities include cognitive behavioral therapy, strengths-based modeling and mindfulness therapy. I strive to always be transparent, direct, empathetic and genuine with my clients.

My primary areas of focus

--Emotional Trauma - emotional wounds due to prolonged shaming, criticism, neglect, rejection, betrayal, shattered trust, enmeshment, and toxic family of origin issues.
--Couples Therapy - I work with couples with diverse issues. One of my specialties is working with those who have experienced betrayal and trust injuries due to extramarital affairs.
--Addiction related issues - including alcohol, substance and sex addiction. I also work with family members of those who suffer from addiction.

My Background

Growing up in Japan with a disabled sibling, I saw my family deal with many difficult issues including discrimination, isolation, marital problems, bullying, multiple moves, economic challenges and constant fighting with the school system. I grew up fast, as I was very aware of my family’s dysfunction.

My mother’s life was largely shaped by her father’s alcoholism, and she grew up being the rescuer, fixer, peacemaker and caretaker from a young age. Although my grandfather passed away before I was born, his disease still had lasting effects on my family. Our struggles with open and healthy communication, conflict/resolution, perfectionism and self respect have been painful to live with, but have given me deep respect and compassion for those going through difficult times in their lives. They have also fueled my passion to help empower others to become whatever they envision themselves to be.

Feeling helpless to improve my family’s situation motivated me to enter a helping profession when I grew up. After receiving a Bachelor's degree in Social Work at the University of Washington, I earned a Master's degree in Social Work, specializing in health care and mental health. Much of my early work experience was in hospital settings, including Evergreen Hospital, Providence Hospital and University of Washington Medical Center Emergency Department. I conducted psychiatric evaluations in acute emergency-room and long-term outpatient settings. This experience has given me a deep understanding of acute and chronic mental health diagnoses, addictions, and other social factors that impact one’s wellbeing.

I also had the privilege of working in Washington’s foster care system, which has deepened my understanding of the unique problems children have; and how, within the “family system,” the behavior of one member, whether parent or child, affects the well-being of the entire family unit. To this end, I am committed to supporting and strengthening every aspect of healthy family relationships.

For more in-depth information about my practice, please visit my website: www.yurikagillum.com

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