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Rigpa Shunya, ARNP, PMHNP-BC

I specialize in treating anxiety states, bipolar mood disorders, depression, ADHD, and mood issues such as anger. I will help you learn how to transcend negative and harmful emotions, healing oneself and others through understanding and forgiveness. We will partner together to heal and resolve past traumas so you may function and live in the present.  My treatment model is evidence-based and holistic. My specialization is psychiatric medicine and essentially I incorporate mindfulness therapy and psychopharmacology treatment and work in collaboration with other providers based on your individual needs.

My approach is client focused, with my clients being the director of their care. I see every human being as having enlightenment as their true nature. We just have to access this state of enlightenment by transcending Ego personality layer of mind and its negative harmful emotions that obscure the light of enlightenment in us.

You may say my main work is to help you discover who you are and return home to your true enlightened nature. Returning home you will find peace, fulfillment and healing. Don't undermine your glory.


I graduated from California State University Long Beach, CA in 2012 with my Masters Degree in Nursing specializing in Adult Psychiatric Medicine.  For my mindfulness training, I have spent a combined 10 years in meditation retreats.  Five of those years was spent in India in a small village in Budh Gaya, India where the historical Buddha himself attained his enlightenment and the additional time was spent in Dharamsala India and Cazedero, in Sonoma County, California.

Applying my meditation cushion as a lab and having studying my own mind for years and fathoming layers of my own mind from Ego personality layer of mind, to Consciousness layer of mind that transcends the ego mind, to Shunyata, empty essence of mind to wakeful nature of mind, I am especially knowledgeable to help you with techniques, encouragement and support to transcend layers of your own mind and reveal your enlightened, awake nature of mind where you will find mental health in it's full perfection, peace and contentment that comes along with it as a byproduct of discovering who you truly are.

Through out the years I have taught meditation practices on different levels.

As far as brain chemistry is concerned-- when needed, I apply psychopharmacology to bring about balance in neurochemical levels. In addition to empowering my clients, I provide techniques to transcend unhealthy disturbed states of mind on a psychological level. Thus my approach is comprehensive and holistic.