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Individual providers in the group have partnered with the University of Washington School of Social Work and Antioch University to provide a practicum site for their Masters Programs. Our licensed mental health professionals are mentoring and teaching our second year masters level Interns the practical applications of the fundamentals of therapy in the clinical setting, including mental health counseling across the lifespan, psychiatric evaluation and assessment, building relationships with both clients and the community, and serving as community liaisons by providing case management and resources for clients in need.

The interns are offering these services at a very low cost, so we may reach further into our community and provide services to those who may not otherwise afford it or have access to care or resources, one of the foundations and mission of the UW School of Social Work.  

"Social change is inevitable, but human needs are the same from one generation to another. " -- Arlien Johnson, Founding Director of the UW SSW

Mark Pilger, MA Intern

Mark Pilger, MA Intern

Mark Pilger, Intern

Master of arts in clinical mental health counseling, Antioch University

Supervision provided by Karen Simms, MA, LMHC

Education and Experience

I am completing a Masters of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Antioch University Seattle, School of Applied Psychology.  I provide counseling to individual adults and adolescents who may be suffering from a range of mental health symptoms, courageously living with past hurts and trauma, struggling to negotiate a significant life challenge or transition, experiencing relationship difficulties, and/or seeking overall personal growth and greater mental wellness.  
My experience includes working as a practicum therapist at Antioch University Seattle Community Counseling and Psychology Clinic providing individual therapy services to adults with a range of treatment needs.  I completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from the University of Washington.



I am a native Washingtonian, having grown up in Port Orchard, attended the University of Washington, and lived in various locations near the Puget Sound.  Although I enjoy travel and connecting with other cultures, the Seattle area feels like home to me.  My interest in psychology began in adolescence with my first introduction to its philosophies, and was later encouraged by my desire to understand my own personal struggles in navigating loss, life challenges, relationship difficulties, and the path to greater mental and physical wellness.  During my undergraduate studies I worked with children and adolescents who were struggling with developmental disabilities.  I spent several years working for social justice issues through non-profit work and then began work in the social services field where I still work part time.      



I strive to offer empathic listening and reflection, engage in authentic and collaborative dialogue, and employ client-centered techniques tailored to the unique needs of the individual and situation.  My work is informed by a number of insight-orientated theoretical frameworks, as well as my understanding of attachment, interpersonal, internalized oppression, and contemporary Gestalt perspectives.     

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