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Individual providers in the group have partnered with the University of Washington School of Social Work to provide a practicum site for their Masters Programs. Our licensed mental health professionals are mentoring and teaching our second year masters level Interns the practical applications of the fundamentals of therapy in the clinical setting, including mental health counseling across the lifespan, psychiatric evaluation and assessment, building relationships with both clients and the community, and serving as community liaisons by providing case management and resources for clients in need.

The interns are offering these services at a very low cost, so we may reach further into our community and provide services to those who may not otherwise afford it or have access to mental health care or resources, one of the foundations and mission of the UW School of Social Work.  

"Social change is inevitable, but human needs are the same from one generation to another. " 
- Arlien Johnson, Founding Director of the UW SSW


Laura Hirschfield, MSW Intern

Stepping into therapy takes courage, and I would be honored to have the opportunity to sit with you on this path toward leading the life you want to live. I believe that in facing the things we fear, or dislike, or doubt, we find the strength to heal, change habits, and grow.

I will work with you to create a trusting, transparent, and collaborative relationship where you feel safe to explore the places that feel most vulnerable. Empathy, non-judgment, and mindfulness are at the heart of my practice, as are early attachments—those first relationships that shape us all. I also view the work of therapy through a narrative lens—looking deeply at the stories we tell and the language we use to describe ourselves.

I am in my final year in the University of Washington MSW Program. I also have a Master’s in Education from Harvard University, which I completed in 1995. After many years working in elementary education, I became more and more drawn to working with individuals outside the school environment. I began working with parents—leading support groups for new mothers, making home visits to families in trauma, and working with survivors of domestic violence. Going back to school and shifting careers at mid-life has been humbling and transformative for me, giving me new perspectives on what it means to let go, face change, move away from those parts of ourselves that no longer serve us, and start over.


Emily Hansen, MSW Intern

I am a graduate level student at the University of Washington, working toward a Master’s degree in social work, with a mental health concentration. I completed my undergrad at University of Utah, and have an Honors BS in psychology and a BS in sociology, with criminology emphasis. I have experience working with individuals of all ages, from childhood to adulthood.

I became passionate about mental health as a teenager. My personal experiences taught me that while physical health is important, it can mean very little without mental health as well. My work with clients is grounded in the belief that the internal individual experience is just as important as the external environment. I use a systems theory approach to understand all of the things that may be influencing someone, and a strengths-based approach to help clients find their own power. I incorporate CBT principles into all of my client work, using this framework to introduce the deep connection between thoughts, feelings, and actions. I work with a very broad spectrum of individuals, ages 7 and up, and specialize in anxiety and depression. In addition to these, I am passionate about working with those with eating disorders, trauma, self-injury, body image and identity, and strongly believe that healing and recovery are possible for everyone.



kerry mccarter, msw intern

I am currently earning a Master of Social Work at University of Washington with a concentration in mental health. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and started my career as an emergency medical technician. Later I obtained a Bachelor’s degree in nursing from Northwest University and began working as a registered nurse in the cardiology unit at Virginia Mason and then the oncology and intensive care units (ICU) at UW Medical Center. In caring for my patient’s physical needs, I ultimately discovered the desire to provide more holistic care for the whole patient.

I have had extensive experience working with clients in crisis, as well as experience working at a nonprofit that serves victims of human trafficking and at-risk youth. While I am grateful for my nursing background; it has also been exciting to expand my professional role through my master’s program and my internship at Mindful Therapy Group. I am passionate about empowering others to develop healthy relationships and to engage in the self-discovery process that leads to internal freedom. Personally, I have benefited from these skills and I truly believe others can benefit too ultimately realizing their full potential.

My areas of emphasis include cognitive behavior therapy, mindfulness and strengths-based approaches to working with clients who are experiencing depression, anxiety or trauma. I have seen the remarkable power of recovery at work in patients of all kinds, despite past suffering and trauma. I am also a Gottman “Seven Principles of Making Marriage Work” Educator, and a Gottman “Bringing Baby Home” educator. I have personally benefited from these tools by applying them to my own marriage and family, and I enjoy sharing them with others.  I also enjoy running, hiking, skiing, and independent research, as well as spending time having adventures with my husband and our four children.

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